218 Compliance

28 AUG 2009

Introduction to the Junta de Andalucía decreto 218 / 2005

The Junta de Andalucía decree 218 was released in 2005 as a protective measure for the final consumer, the decree states that all real estate professionals in Andalucía must comply with the rules and regulations that are stated in the 218 decree.

The decree states what information, and in what the format, must be provided to the consumer, and also states the way in which a property must be advertised and what information must appear in each case. The real estate professional must provide the client with a “Ficha Informativa” document in the case of re-sales, and the “DIA” (Documento Informativo Abreviado) document in the case of rentals.

For more information please visit the Junta de Andalucía site Junta de Andalucía decreto 218/2005.

What does InfoCasa provide?

We provide the software solution that enables entering all the required information and printing of the new documents that a client could require and the real estate professional must provide in order to comply with the 218 decree. Our software clearly displays whether a property is compliant or not depending on the information that has been entered into the system.

Whenever you modify a property you will be displayed with the information or documents that are missing in order for the property to comply with the 218 decree. In the property list an icon is displayed showing clearly whether the property complies or not, if you roll your mouse over the icon a tooltip will list detailed information on why the property does not comply.

How can I activate the 218 compliance service from InfoCasa?

To activate the 218 compliance module please call InfoCasa support.

New fields for the 218 compliance in InfoCasa

Global descriptions:

These are descriptions that are valid throughout the agency, apart from the agency details that must be entered here there are several other descriptions split between sales and rentals, and can be used in case we have a standard payment method, fixed price validity, etc. These descriptions will be used by the listed properties in case the user does inform them for each property. The global descriptions can be found under tools – system, from within the InfoCasa application main menu.

Currently supported descriptions are:

  • Payment method (description of the steps and method of payment once a purchase has been confirmed).
  • Price validity (how long the property price is valid for).
  • Binding term for the selling/buying transaction.
  • Rental contract details (any details relevant to the rental contract).

Property fields:

  • Community of property owners administrator details.
  • Property connections (electricity, water, gas, phone).
  • Storage size, parking usable size.
  • Payment frequency (monthly, weekly, etc)
  • Price frequency (what period of time the rental price applies to).
  • Other monthly expenses (other expenses the tenant must pay).
  • Admin fee (agency administration fee, if applies)
  • Sale type (Resale, projected construction or under construction).
  • Documentation the vendor will provide at the signing of the sale contract.


Several descriptions are provided for compliance, they must all be informed if the information is available, this way you maximize the property details you can provide your clients with. All new descriptions have been split into required for a sale and required for a rental. Some of these descriptions can be empty and will use the global descriptions explained at the beginning of this section.

  • Payment method (used if the property does not have a standard payment method such as the one we have entered in the global descriptions payment method, the method can be specified for a sale and a rental separately).
  • Price valid (if the price validity is not the standard one in global price validity, this price validity can be specified for a sale and a rental separately).
  • Building complex or promotion description (This description applies to both sale and rental properties and must contain any relevant information that the client should be aware of.).
  • Encumbrances and Liens on the property.
  • Servitudes.

In the case of rental properties, apart from some of the previous descriptions will also provide descriptions for:

  • Networks and fire protections.
  • Maintenance down to the tenant.
  • Taxes, charges and responsibilities for the tenant.
  • Rental price revision formula.
  • Use and conservation of the property
  • Deposits

New Attachments:

We have enabled the attachment of new document types to a property. In the case of a property that is for sale you can attach a “nota simple” and an “IBI certification”, in the case of a rental property an “inventory” document type can be attached. InfoCasa will check for the existence of these documents and make sure their date is not expired when checking for the compliance of the property. We have added the documents expiration as a task in the diary, this task is visible by all the system users, making it simple to view the documentation that will expire.

In the case of floor plans or indication documents, our software application will automatically set the documents dpi to 96 when possible, making the plans comply with the 218 decree regulations for the legality of the plans.

218 automatic compliance checks

The InfoCasa software checks compliance on all properties that belong to the agency.

Property List Grid

In the above screenshot you will notice a ‘218’ column displaying a red icon when the property does not comply and a green one when it does. The third property shown in the list does not have an icon because it is either not a re-sale property, not a property for rent or simply because the property belongs to another real estate agency. Rolling the mouse over the top property’s red icon displays the above tool-tip listing all the missing information that makes the property fail the 218 compliance.

Documents generated by InfoCasa

With InfoCasa you can produce the new “DIA”, “Ficha Informativa” and “Nota Explicativa” documents directly through our reporting system which will also print any other related documentation that is required by the client.

Nota Explicativa Ficha Informativa Documento Informativo Abreviado
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