Infocasa and the Energy Performance Certificates

31 MAY 2013

Dear Clients, As many of you have already heard, the Spanish “Ministerio de Turismo y Energía” has announced a new norm that requires that from June the 1st, 2013, when buildings or units are built, sold or rented, an efficiency energy certificate or a copy of it will have to be shown to the potential buyer or renter, and will have to be given to the final buyer or renter.

For this, we have modified our Infocasa application so you can specify the values for the houses in a way that allows us to later on generate the proper tag both on reports and websites.

The process is simple: When the engineer delivers the certificate, they will include tags where you will find the two values needed, Consumo de Energía (Estimated energy use ) and Emisiones de CO2 ( carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions ). You will be able to specify these values in the “Misc” section on Infocasa.

Once these values are in place, Infocasa will be able to generate the tag, both on reports and on websites. On the other hand, we have also modified the Infocasa property list, so you can easily see what properties already have the certificate or even order based on these values. You can see these 2 columns in the view “property list”.

As always on Infocasa, you can move these columns just by dragging and dropping or use them to order the current list of properties.

Also, you will be able to add the certificates themselves to the properties just like any other document, in the attachment section, in pdf format. This new Infocasa version has now been published, all you have to do is an autoupdate and you will have it.

Finally regarding the modifications needed for your reports or webs, well, each agent will require a different amount of changes, so, please, contact us to discuss on or

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