Help & Support

Follow these steps to allow The Infocasa / Mercury Internet technical support staff to control your computer temporarily.


    1. Click on this Button to run the Remote program.

    (450 KB)
    2. Run the program (recommended) or Save it to the desktop.
If you have the User Account Control active, please allow this app to make changes to your PC.
    3. Double click on the support agent you are told to connect to.
If you have a firewall running in your computer, please allow the connection.

iOS Mac

Google Chrome is required with iOS.
► If you already have Google Chrome installed, please open this page with Google Chrome.
► If not, please follow the steps below:

    1. Download and install Google Chrome.

    1. You are using Google Chrome, perfect!

    2. Goto the Google Remote Desktop Extension by clicking on the green button below.

    3. Click on "Launch App"

If it's not installed yet click on "Add to Chrome" to install first, after install the "Launch App" button will appear.
    4. Click on the green "Share" button.
    5. Pass the 9-digit number to the member of our support team.

When you are done, the InfoCasa / Mercury Internet technician will close down the connection.

Or you can do this at any time by right clicking on the icon on the bottom right corner and choosing ‘Close’,

which will forcefully disconnect InfoCasa / Mercury Internet Support from your computer.

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Secondary Support: support8

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