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Mobile first

That's what google said sometime ago, and that's we always have in mind when building our websites. Nowadays, is mandatory that your website perfectly adapts to smaller screens. Most visitors to your website will do it from their phones and their experience has to be impecable. Also, the web has to be easy to work with for this userss and, of course, always show the call to action ( CTA ) where it has to be.

Every Property is valuable content

Write the best description possible, easily in Infocasa, in as many languages as you want, this information will be properly included with your property, but also, you can write the rest of very important texts google recommends: Property title, Html description, friendly url... then, we'll make sure these are displayed correctly on the page. Learn more about SEO here.

Content is king

It's an old mantra, but it's still very valid. We make sure your site has a properly organized content, that's as unique as possible on the internet, this will help your clients find the product you are offering.

What about speed?

A slow website is quickly abandoned! All our websites are as optimized as possible, that, combined with our super relieable Cloud hosting service, allows you to compete with top websites in speed.

Average visit time

This is a key factor when it comes for Google to decide your ranking. We help you increase this metric by allowing you to easily add videos or 360 images to your properties, have built in players on the property pages, generate content about areas and developments you know more about.


How can you maximize the possibilities for your visitors to convert into leads? Every step of the way, you must keep the User Experience as a priority when designing a website: show the relevant information on each page, show call to actions in the right places, make the process as easy to use as possible.

Do you have a budget for paid advertising?

Are you using mailing systems such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact? we got you cover: All our websites come with a number of landing pages that you can easily change and use in your paid campaigns, mailings, normal emails..


You need data, data is everything: we are happy to install Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Tag Manager or any other script in order for you and your team to have as much data as possible, and make the best information based decisions.

Want someone else to build the website for you?

We got you covered too, we have our own API with English documentation and we are happy to help your developers build a website for you. We also have a Php Web kit with prebuilt search, result, details pages and also forms built in, that can easily be customized, as the html and css is separated from the Code.

Some of our websites:

  • Agent in Sotogrande Area

    Michael Lane is a 2 language site with sales and rental searches, main gallery and mobile friendly design.

    Visit website

  • Agent in Costa Blanca Area

    Marquant houses in Torrevieja, Alicante, has a clean design and quick access to content.

    Visit website

  • Agent in Estepona Area

    Very Good Estates has a clean design with multiple connected sections, in 2 languages.

    Visit website

  • Agent in Mallorca

    One of the most important agents in Mallorca, this site has been created looking into every single detail.

    Visit website

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