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Marketing with Infocasa

How Infocasa helps with your marketing plan:


The Infocasa "Property Alert system" is an automatic system that works for you.

After a client registers from your website, it will be created in your CRM, with the specific requirements of the property or properties they enquired about.

The system will look for properties that might be of interest for each client, and generate and send an email allowing you to decide how often you want these emails to be sent and what is the minimun number of properties to send.

Your clients will always be able to easily unsubscribe from the service, and you will always know what properties have been sent, as each email is registered both on the client's side as well as on each of the properties sent.



If a property gets a price reduction, the system will automatically include the property in the next "Property alert" email to all the clients who could be interested in this property, with a specific template identifying the previous price and the reduced price.


What's more important than knowing exacly how each one of your clients is doing at every step of the way?.

Infocasa helps you identify where in the selling process each of your clients is, allowing you to contact them with the most relevant information at the moment, and help you get closer to the sale.



You can quickly find potential interested clients in each property in the system and email them with a couple of clicks!

For example, when you are listing a property, you can inmediately filter out any potential client interested and generate the email on the go, even before the property gets published.


Infocasa allows you to easily export all the relevant Information about all your clients in a compatible CSV format that can be imported by any mailing system, such as Mailchimp or any other similar platform.

You will be able to segment your audiences and prepare the most effective campaigns based on the data you have.


If your website is created by Infocasa CRM S.L., you willl be able to create unlimited number of landing pages that can be easily managed directly from the CRM, and used in your paid campaigns, such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

Then you will be able to control campaign performance, as every conversion will be registered by a specific "Thank you page", helping you set up your analytics to track conversions.

Also, every single lead coming from your website will be automatically registered in the Infocasa CRM, so you can always track how all your different forms and websites are performing.


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