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Infocasa CRM is a Web based customer relationship manager that allows you to easily list properties, manage clients, appointments, tasks, multiple users,...

Follow the whole property sale process: for each client, you´ll know what properties they are interested in, which ones they´ve visited or which ones they made offers for.

Quickly identify matching properties that your clients might be interested in.

Manager view allows you to have detailed information about what everyone in the team has been doing.

Property Alert

Marketing automation is key. Which Infocasa you can enable this tool and customize how often you want to contact your clients.

The system will work for you by filtering properties that match your client's requirements and prepare and send an email with a user friendly design.

You can also specify how many properties you want to send, so, no need to bother your clients with an email with just 1-2 properties.

Price reductions will trigger a property to be sent again, with a clear "lower price alert", so your clients can quickly identify them.

Clients will always be able to "unsubscribe" from the "Property Alert".


Be part of a network with more than 15.000 unique properties and access other agent's databases of properties.

Freedom to choose what agents you prefer to collaborate with.

Offer network properties to your clients using your company details.

Increase your website's traffic by showing network properties and easily filter which ones you want to include.


Infocasa CRM helps you with your marketing efforts.

Automated Marketing tools: Leads are automatically registered from your website and you always receive a notification, so you can act as soon as possible, but also, you can set "Property alerts" to be sent to the client based on what they are looking for.

Find potential interested buyers with one click everytime you list a new property.

Email shared properties with your details and earn a comission working with the network.


Power your website with our API and Php SEO Friendly Webkit and dramatically increase the number of unique pages on your site.

CMS ( Customer Management System ) powered website: manage your content yourself.

Customize shared properties to have unique content and increase your site's ranking.


Infocasa CRM automatically publishes properties on the Property Portals without any intervention.

Have multiple property collections for different portals.

Easily select to which portal each property should be sent as you list the property.


Create users with different access levels and permissions and track changes to properties and contacts.

Super reliable system based on Google Cloud technology.

Monday to Friday phone support available to help.


Receive Property alerts and contact hundreds of Infocasa agents quickly just by sending one message.

Benefit from having access to our network and send emails with offers or requests for other agents to see.


When you list a property, easily identify who in your client's database could be interested in this property and react with a quick email to these clients.

Mailing system integration

If you are using mass mailing tools, such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact, you can easily export your clients, and import them with those sites to be able to send mailings.

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